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2016 Beyond borders

On the 6th of January a new chapter began in the still recent history of SunliveGroup. Lucas Gonzalez, its CEO, and his partner Carlos André, headed to the East. The invitation, which kindly we would like to thank, arrived from Qatar, from Abdul Kader, representative of the football club Eljaish Junior (JSC) and of the La Paqua Trading company.

In a short trip of four days only, they visited and have entered into commitments with our friends Ali Al-Hitmi, President of Qatar Gymnastics Federation, and Samira, representative of Qatar Gymnastics Club, not forgetting the important presence of our friend-brother Essam Yousif.
Lucas and Carlos André also reaffirmed and increased the partnership already established with Yousef Al-Bader, Mohammed Al-Fahaid, Khalid Al-Fahaid, owner and representatives of the Confort Seasons, a company based in Saudi Arabia.

It was established contact with some Qatari football clubs and football coaches from different countries such as Jordania, Tunisia and Kuwait, this last one represented by Mr. Bader A. Jalil Ahmad Shehab, FIFA coach / AFC Coaching Instructor.
We are grateful for the way as we were received, and so we are also proud to share with all of our customers and friends the following pictures which relate this wonderful business intercultural meeting.




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